Flight Reservation For visa Application


What is the flight reservation for visa application?

A flight reservation is a document that includes a detailed plan for your flight or trip to a particular country. In fact, it is only the flight/travel plan of the selected airline, which includes a flight name, passenger name, a valid booking number for the flight reservation, arrival and departure date, and IATA code. Airports.

Do I have to book a plane ticket before applying for a visa?

I suggest not buying an actual flight ticket before approving your visa. The major reason is that it involves the risk of placing your hundreds of dollars on the stack due to airlines’ multi-refundable ticket policies or heavy penalties for changes.

Flight itinerary for visa application is considered an essential requirement for many countries. This can be evidence for the embassy of the destination country to find out your travel dates such as commuting. Once you get your visa, you can buy the actual plane ticket.


($ USD) Flight Reservation
$17 / Extra Person $9
-17 USD | 53 AED | 12 EURO
-Up to 5 Flight booking
-Perfect for visa application
-Valid for Min 10 Days to 3 weeks (T&C*)
-Used as return ticket in most airports
-Free NOC / Cover Letter For Visa
(₹ INR) Flight Reservation
₹999 / Extra Person ₹700
- 999 INR | 17 USD | 53 AED | 12 EURO
-Up to 5 Flight booking
-Perfect for visa application
-Valid for Min 10 Days to 3 weeks (T&C*)
-Used as return ticket in most airports
-Free NOC / Cover Letter For Visa

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Book flight tickets on FlyingHelpline websites

You can also book a flight through FlyingHelpline.com, where your tickets last up to seven days or sometimes depending on the website. You will have to pay a small fee for these services, usually between $ 15 and $ 20.

More practical tips and motivation in FlyingHelpline.
-Choose the right travel package.
-Submit your flight details and pay online.
-Wait for the email confirmation with all the details of your flight.

Dummy Ticket For Visa Application Sample

The screenshot above is the verification of reservations on Qatar Airlines and reservations are provided by flight reservations for visa without actual flight tickets.

I hope these samples will really help you find out what a reservation looks like and how you can get your own flight itinerary for the visa application process.

Book tickets with hold option for airline fee

Not all airlines offer flight reservations, so check everything carefully to find the right airline to offer such services. There are some airlines that hold back your tickets for a small fee of $ 20 to $ 30. The return period of the tickets depends on the airline, but most of them can hold your ticket for about 3 days.

Book a plane ticket with your local travel agent

You can get a flight itinerary for a visa application through any travel agent.

Here I recommend the FlyingHelpline.com, wherever one needs to book the itinerary online and get confirmation within as little time as possible. Once your visa is confirmed, you are likely to change your flight itinerary to an actual flight ticket.

Even if local travel agencies charge you for their service, this is a very good option as they are able to maintain the reservation of travel tickets for at least seven days. As a rule, they charge you 10% of the set price, but this is not certain.

What is a return flight ticket use for Immigration purpose?

Return flight ticket or return flight ticket is the flight from your country to the destination country and the original departure. For example, Manila, the Philippines to Paris, France, and back to Manila, Philippines.

this is easy. There are many airlines where you can book for deposit or payment in monthly installments. Or there are special websites where flights can be reserved for a fee. you can book a ticket from Flyinghelpline.com

Can I use a dummy ticket generator?

No! We strongly advise against using a generator to create fake dummy flight tickets and use it to apply for a visa or Dummy PNR.

Instead of using a dummy ticket generator, we encourage you to read this article and see that you need to get a flight reservation without having to pay the full price to apply for a visa. There are options from.

Now that we have looked at flight routes, flight tickets, flight reservations, and dummy flight tickets, we want to ask about why embassies and consulates ask about this and how we can fly without paying huh. Full ticket.

Why do embassies and consulates ask about Flight Reservation for visa application?

Most embassies and consulates around the world do not require visa applicants to book plane tickets, knowing that if a visa is denied, it is inevitable that the applicant will lose their money. They even state in the list of documents required to apply for a visa that applicants are not required to purchase tickets, but only to reserve a flight.

And only after getting your visa you can buy or cancel the reserved ticket within the validity period of your reserved ticket.

However, there may be some exceptions where the embassy or consulate may in some cases ask you to purchase a return flight ticket before the visa interview.

The decision on visa period

The second reason is the decision on the length of your visa. The embassy officer or consulate you apply to will decide the length of your visa based on the itinerary so that you can obtain a visa that allows you to stay in your destination country for as long as possible.

Behind the fact of the incident:

Another important thing is that every traveler should specifically consider who is going to submit their visa application, most travelers think that reservation is a matter of validity, but always remember that travel company and travel agencies Cannot control validity. Things directly controlled by the airlines and they have reserved the right to reduce any reservation without prior notice and this fact is already known by diplomatic authorities, so do not panic about it.

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